The name

When a neighbor steps out of his truck with a quart of fresh picked strawberries just for you… when that mom in the office leaves a figurine for your daughter’s new fairy garden on your desk—you’ve got a sercy. It’s an old southern term for the tradition of giving an unexpected gift that surprises and delights.

The idea

The makers of Sercy have captured that feeling in a new beverage. Bright, buoyant, and better than other sparkling spirits, it’s flavored by nature, gluten-free, and only 100 calories per can. Oh, and it’s certified USDA organic.

The challenge

That search for a legitimately organic product proved to be a year-long challenge for Sercy’s creators. From their Eastern Carolina headquarters in a revitalized old – warehouse to wherever they travelled in the South, they could sense folks looking past wine and craft beers for a fit and natural adult beverage. A planning team, talented brewers, and a good old family taste testing around the kitchen table worked until they got it right. Sercy’s four exceptional flavors – Mixed Berry, Orange Raspberry, Cucumber Lime, and Peach Lychee — now come in a mixed variety 12-pak of sleek sparkling cans.

...just because

Like the gift of a breeze on a coastal porch, or an oak’s deep shade on an August sidewalk, Sercy is a cool sensation born of the timeless, yet fresh as this moment. Unlooked for, yet unforgettably refreshing. For you, just because.