Terms of Agreement


Please note that this is not a sponsorship and the intent of the ambassador program is to raise awareness of both the Sercy brand and the ambassador brand and that no money is to be exchanged.

**I hereby assign, and grant Sercy Spiked and Sparkling the right and permission to use and publish the photos/film/electronic representations and/or sound recordings including reproduction, sale, copyright, exhibit, broadcast, electronic storage, and/or distribution of me by Sercy Spiked and Sparkling.

**I hereby acknowledge I am over 21 years of age.


–    Interactions with ambassadors’ posts across social media platforms, with rights to repost and add Sercy Spiked and Sparkling branding
–    A feature on the Sercy Spiked and Sparkling website to include links out to channels of ambassadors’ choice
–    Employee benefits on all merchandise & beverages at the Mother Earth Brewery & Sercy Spiked and Sparkling Head Quarters as well as exclusive merchandise and events


–    At least 2 different Sercy brand-related social media post per month across platform of choice, with appropriate Sercy Spiked and Sparkling tagging, to properly represent the Sercy Spiked & Sparkling brand
–    At least 2 appropriate interactions per month with Sercy Spiked and Sparkling brand post across social media platforms or repost of Sercy Spiked and Sparkling post when appropriate
–    Providing our team with an appropriate title and photo to be represented on our ambassador page upon approval of the Sercy Spiked and Sparkling team


**All Deliverables from Sercy Spiked and Sparkling will only be available while remaining an active Sercy Brand Ambassador.  If Ambassador Deliverables are not met, Sercy Spiked and Sparkling has the right to remove the Ambassador from the program.

**I hereby agree to represent the Sercy Spiked and Sparkling Brand in the appropriate fashion as defined:  In no way should Sercy Spiked and Sparkling ever be represented with littering, harming the environment, harming animals, or in any other environmentally foul practice.  No forms of profanity or foul language should be used to represent the Sercy Spiked and Sparkling Brand. No claims of Sercy Spiked and Sparkling should be made in any social form that are not otherwise represented on our social media platforms, website, or brand guide. Sercy Spiked and Sparkling should never be shared, represented, or presented by anyone under the age of 21. If any inappropriate actions or claims are taken, Sercy Spiked and Sparkling has the right to remove the ambassador from the Ambassador Program.


About our Brand:
–    Four Flavors: Peach Lychee, Orange Raspberry, Cucumber Lime, Mixed Berry
–    USDA Certified Organic
–    100 Calories
–    0 Sugar
–    Gluten Free & Keto Friendly
–    < 1g of Carbs, Fat, Sodium
–    5% Alcohol


Brand Trends:
–    Environmentally Friendly
–    Charming Southern Voice
–    Active Lifestyle
–    Healthy Lifestyle
–    Playful/light


Appropriate Social Media Tagging: @sercyspiked

Appropriate Social Media #:
–    #sercyspiked
–    #sharesercy
–    #spikedseltzer
–    #sercysquad